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Poker : Four Betting Pocket Tens and Jacks

When it comes to four betting in Sit and Go Tournaments, your decisions are often made easier when you are holding either trash or the nuts.

But what about the hands like pocket tens and pocket jacks? How should you best approach these hands when considering four-betting?

The first important point is to recognize that they are both very valuable hands. If your four-bet sizing is small - for example, 2 or 2.5x the size of the three-bet - you could be losing a lot of value.

Players do not bluff as often as our brains would like us to think, so if we are going to four-bet with these types of hands, and are welcoming action, we are not going to like what we see.

By betting so small, we may even induce hands like ace-queen, ace-jack, or king-queen to five-bet shove and this is a mistake, as we really want them to fold. By betting so small we give off the impression that they have fold equity.

So, if you consider these points, you should either shove, call or four-bet somewhat bigger than normal, when you are holding pocket tens or jacks.

Obviously, your decision will be player dependant. Against your more passive opponents, you can safely call and play some post flop poker; if they are aggressive then you might be better just shoving, as you may face a lot of pressure post flop.

If the player is an absolute rock and he three-bets you, then you could even consider just folding and waiting for a better spot, especially if his raise comes from early position.

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Last Updated 10 December 2018
Poker - Four Betting Pocket Tens and Jacks