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The glitz and glamour of the slot machine have provided entertainment for people going as far back in time as the early 1800s. The first ever slot machines were given the moniker Nickel Machines and the pioneers were Charles Fey, Theodore Holtz and Gustav Schultze.

It is well known that Charles Fey created the first ever slot machine in 1885 and it was called The Liberty Bell. This first machine contained three-reels and each reel contained five separate symbols. The inspiration to create a slot machine actually came from Gustav Schultze who created the Nickel-in-the-slot machine and historians call this the predecessor to the Liberty Bell.

The popularity of the Liberty Bell soared in California and Fey knew he had stumbled across something special. Along with his partner Theodore Holtz they set about designing and created newer modified slot machines.

In 1907, Charles Fey joined forces with Mills Novelty Company. The company used Fey’s designs and the fruit and BAR symbols were born. After a few years in unison the company and Fey released a new slot machine called The Operator Bell. After their successful release in the San Francisco area the United States government moved to create a series of ant-gambling laws.

Fey and the Mills Novelty Company had to think quickly on their feet and they designed the machines to operate like vending machines.
The Operator Bell was a huge heavy and noisy machine and the next machine was much quieter. The Silent Bell being born in the early 1930s.

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